Shown with included internal ring
Shown with included internal ring

1.9" Mach SLW Internal - Bright

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1.9" Mach SLW Internal
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 Our Mach SLW wheel was inspired by several different designs including TrailReady & Black Rock wheels.

"Mach" because it reminds us of a spinning plane prop.

This wheel uses an INTERNAL ring as opposed to our standard "inner" rings.
This means that the internal diameter is MUCH larger and WILL work on trucks like the Axial Capra & SCX10-III.
These internal bead locks are also incredibly lightweight!

This wheel is designed to work with the Vanquish Products SLW 6 lug hub style and any of our 1.9" Easy Mount rings (sold separately).

This LIMITED EDITION "Bright" version is ONLY available in sets of 4.

What's included:
-1x 1.9" Mach SLW Internal wheel with Bright finish
-1x Internal lock ring

Dimensions (with internal ring):
Bead Diameter: 1.9"
Weight: 2.1oz
Width: 26mm
Backspacing: 13.75mm
(Backspacing with .185 hub: 14.7mm)
Offset: 0.50mm
(Offset with .185 hub: 1.7mm)

Outer rings and hardware are NOT included with the wheel.

With our .185 SLW hex hubs these wheels match the backspacing of standard SCX 1.9" wheels.

Outer rings (sold separately):
1.9" Rings

Bolt pattern hardware (sold separately):
Cap Screws (4-40 x 5/16)
Acorn Nuts (4-40)

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